Hyunhee Lee
Graduate Student

Hyunhee grew up in Daejeon, Korea. She has done undergrad research on light-induced water splitting at Hanyang University with Prof. Paik and thermally rearranged polymer-based gas separation membrane at UT Austin with Prof. Freeman, where she became interested in different transport behaviors of molecules and ions and chemistry of various materials such as polymers, graphene, and metal-organic framework. During her Master’s program with Prof. Park, Hyunhee further studied the gas transport via membranes based on nanomaterials such as graphene oxide and silicon nanotubes as well as optimized the synthesis and transfer of defect-free large-scale single-layered CVD graphene. As a Ph.D. student in the Smith group at MIT, Hyunhee is taking a next step on the mixed matrix membrane working on controlling the dimensionality of the metal-organic framework filler and unveil the mechanism behind the different geometry and its link to the separation performance. Outside the lab, Hyunhee enjoys traveling, social dancing, and cooking.