Robin Michel Studer
Graduate Student

Robin was born in the Canton of Zurich in Switzerland and grew up in a small town in the countryside next to sprawling fields and animal farms. After finishing high school, Robin started studying Chemical Engineering at the Federal Institute of Technology of Zurich where he noticed his passion for research, especially in the field of environmentally friendly and sustainable technology. In a research project of his Master’s program Bio- and Chemical Engineering he focused on the synthesis of a suitable CO2/CH4 selective membrane for the upgrade of biogas. The positive experiences within the field of membrane technology motivated Robin to seize the opportunity and perform his Master’s thesis outside of his home institution and therefore joined the Smith Lab at the MIT as a visiting student in early 2020. Outside of the lab Robin likes traveling and spending time in nature with friends and family. He gained popularity within his group of friends because of his unconventional solutions to daily problems followed by a typical trust me I’m an engineer saying.