Simar Kaur Mattewal
Graduate Student

Simar grew up in Chandigarh, a city in North India. She received her B.Tech + M.Tech (Dual Degree) in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in 2020. There she worked with Prof Shantanu Roy (IITD), as a part of her M.Tech thesis, to study hydrodynamics and heat transfer in Corning Advanced Flow Reactors (microreactors). She also worked as a Research Intern at WashU with Prof Pratim Biswas’ group on characterization of low cost air quality monitors. She joined MIT as a PhD student in 2020 and worked for some time with Prof Karthish Manthiram on electrochemical ammonia synthesis. She is enthusiastic about sustainable technologies and is currently working on carbon based membranes for separations. She is co-advised by Prof Rohit Karnik (MIT MechE) and Prof Zachary Smith exploring nanoporous graphene membranes and polymeric carbon molecular sieves as a part of her PhD. Outside of lab she loves to go for long walks, specially along the river, with her camera ready to capture all colors of nature. She also enjoys exploring new brunch places and taking guided tours of historical sites and on quieter days enjoying the company of a book.