Stephen DeWitt
Postdoctoral Associate

Stephen was born and raised in Bradford Massachusetts, about 30 minutes north of Boston. He began his academic career at the University of Massachusetts Lowell working on nanoparticle synthesis for electrochemical sensing applications. While at Lowell, Stephen spent a summer working on direct methanol fuel cell membranes at Vanderbilt University, and two summers studying nuclear hybrid energy systems design at Idaho National Lab.
In 2015 Stephen moved to Atlanta and joined the Lively Lab at Georgia Tech to pursue his PhD. At Georgia Tech he worked on developing structured MOF adsorbents for post combustion capture of CO2 from flue gas. At MIT Stephen works in the Smith and Hatton lab on developing new membranes and manufacturing approaches for the next generation of chemical separations challenges. In his spare time Stephen is a diehard Boston sports fan and UMass Lowell hockey fan. When there aren’t sports to watch Stephen enjoys reading epic fantasy and hiking and camping.